Woody Allen will retire from the cinema after the premiere of Wasp 22, his last movie

Woody Allen will retire from the cinema after the premiere of Wasp 22, his last movie

While there are directors like Clint Eastwood, at 92 years old who are still not thinking about retirement, others are younger, like Woody AllenAnd the They have found a new passion that he plans to dedicate the rest of his life to. Well, as he announced in an interview with vanguardHis next movie will be his last.

My idea, in principle, is not to make more films and focus on writing‘,” Allen admitted in the interview marking the publication of Zero Gravity, a collection of stories written by the director that will go on sale September 27.


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His next movie is titled Wasp 22, will be the fiftieth of his career and will begin filming this fall in Paristhe city that was also the place of midnight in paris, One of his most recent works. Describing the director as “something like match point,” he promises this new film will be “dramatic, exciting, and a bit ominous.”

What is even more curious is that during the premiere of his latest film at the San Sebastian Festival, where the Rifkin Festival is also set, Allen asserted that his “retirement was a long way off”. However, it seems that these two years in which he has been writing made him discover a new passion that he wishes to set aside for his beloved cinema.

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Europe, Manhattan refuge

As he did in his last films, Manhattan manager He will return to Europe to shoot Wasp 22, as this continent is the director’s refuge after many doors have been closed to him in his home country of the United States in recent years due to accusations of sexual assault by his ex-wife, Mia Farrow.

In fact, his last movie, Rifkin’s Festival, released only in a limited number of theaters in the United States Because of the veto against the director, whose guilt has not been proven despite several trials. However, in Europe, the name Woody Allen is still significant, having raised more than two million dollars.

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