Worry in America! They confirmed that the economy stopped growing due to the delta variable


United State-. Despite the optimism expressed by the President of the Republic, Joe Biden By showing the first results out of the pandemic, the Economie from United State It seems to have stopped its growth. A shocking report by professionals on Thursday, October 28th warned of the possibility that delta variable It had a negative effect on the element, which added to the shortage of goods due to restrictions.

It is also expected that the advance report of Ministry of Commerce On the GDP shows strength inflation, fueled by shortages across the economy and the government health crisis helping the money, dampening growth. In addition to the pandemic, recent weakness in fiscal stimulus and Hurricane Ida, which has disrupted the US energy sector, could have affected.

However, there are still signs of optimism, considering that economic activity recovered towards the end of the quarter amid declining coronavirus cases driven by the delta formula, the agency said. Reuters.

The increase in GDP It likely rose at an annual rate of 2.7% last quarter, according to a survey by economists. However, the survey was conducted before data was released on Wednesday, which showed a sharp pickup in growth. trade deficit of goods in September, amid stagnation in exports.

The largest recorded trade deficit in goods has prompted some Wall Street banks to cut estimates of GDP growth, including Goldman Sachswhich cut its forecast by half a percentage point to 2.75%. But despite what the real numbers say, the economy’s performance in the last quarter may have been the weakest since the second quarter of 2020, the worst moment for the pandemic.


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