Would you switch to an electric motorcycle if the government gave it to you? This country wants to do that


Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

The President of Uganda promises his countrymen that electric motorcycles will be made available to all who currently use a combustion motorcycle

As we say on many occasions, there is news that never ceases to amaze us … and this is undoubtedly one of them. Let’s ask an easy question: What would happen if the government told you that they would give you an electric motorcycle in exchange for a combustion motorcycle? The immediate answer is expected to be yes, albeit with some caution of not fully understanding the reason for the gift and what we are giving in return, right?

OK then It is no joke and this has been officially announced by the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.during his year-end speech. The electric motorcycles offered are domestically produced models, which generally retail at prices around $1,350. These vehicles are commonly used in Africa by so-called services “wedding” (Although bicycles are also used), and provide taxi services.

But it will not be the government of Uganda that is funding this proposal, since according to what they say: “We agreed with some investors to remove the petrol and give the electricity to the owners. This exchange will save motorcycle operators 50% of the cost.”. The question is obvious: what do investors gain from this? As is known so far, In exchange, the investors will be granted licenses to operate charging stations and battery exchangersin order to recover your investment.


Uganda’s Minister of Science and Technology Monica Musenero said the savings in operating costs are even higher than the president’s numbers, ensuring that “It is 60% cheaper to operate than current ones because it does not carry fuel”. Of course, in addition to costs, you will benefit the environment.

But Museveni didn’t want to stop at just motorcycles, he said They are working on introducing similar changes to other vehicles such as buses and cars. We will have to wait to verify that the President of Uganda really complies with this sudden, for the time being, motorcycle initiative.

If what Museveni announced finally happens, He will outshine everyone helps that we have been able to find out so far, either by the governments of different countries of the world, or by the manufacturers themselves. In fact, this announcement comes at a time when some countries have announced that they will withdraw their subsidies for the purchase of electric cars, such as GermanyAnd the Norway As for United kingdom.

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