XINHUA Special | The Sin of American Intervention

XINHUA Special |  The Sin of American Intervention

Because of the addiction of power and conquest, the self-proclaimed “bright city on the hill” has long sought to justify its rampant military operations in the name of humanitarian intervention.

The world’s only superpower has long been the mastermind of a series of human catastrophes, in fact, it is the cause of wars, riots and pain around the world.

The information was published through a special work done by Xinhua International Agency, where it indicates that the statistics indicate that since the end of World War II until 2001 there were at least 248 armed conflicts in the world, of which 201 were initiated by the United States. , According to an article entitled “Serious Humanitarian Disasters Caused by America’s Wars of Aggression against Foreign Countries,” recently published by the Chinese Society for Human Rights Studies.

Not only have these wars claimed the lives of large numbers of soldiers, but they have also caused massive civilian casualties, social unrest and property losses, leading to disturbing humanitarian disasters.

After World War II, in an effort to consolidate its global dominance, the United States became a professional interferer in the internal affairs of other nations. Washington usually intervenes in the name of democracy, but in reality it is creating one human rights disaster after another under the banner of human rights.

Likewise, the report notes that economic sanctions, cultural infiltration, incitement to riot, and election rigging are common plays in the book of American intervention against so-called “ideologically hostile states.”

The era in which the global situation was determined by one or several great powers has ended. The path a country takes depends on its own cultural traditions and historical accumulation, as no outside force has the right to interfere.

Any country that deliberately places its desire for hegemony above the sovereignty of other countries and international law, contradicts the global trend and ends up in isolation from the rest of the world.

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