Young people, we are an agent of change in the exercise of power: Guillermo Serda


Uruapan, Michigan, March 12, 2021. – “Being a young person should not be seen as a constraint, on the contrary, being a young person should be viewed as a virtue and an agent of change in the exercise of public power,” via Guillermo Serda Garcia, Social Activist and Coordinator Youth work in Uruapan.

According to a press release, the “Jóvenes pa’l 21” forum, which aims to enhance youth participation in politics in the face of this year’s elections, was developed during the development of which its journey was carried out. It was knocked out by various municipalities in the state of Michoacan, with young fighters from PAN, PRI, and PRD.

He also pointed out that it is a realistic fact that the current policy in Mexico has been tarnished over the years for various issues related to corruption and bad practices in the exercise of power, and that is why it is a duty on this generation of young politicians, honoring the way the government and politics work for what is in it. The good of our nation.

Likewise, Secretary of State for Youth Action, Rodrigo Negret, has indicated that young people are the largest part of the population and have the power to determine elections, but few are interested in defending democracy and, for this reason, he urged this important population group to wake up and set the direction of the country.

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