Yuvaldi is under another shooting now near Memorial Park. minor injuries

On Thursday, Ovaldi police investigated a shooting At night in this downtown Texas. Police said two victims were airlifted to San Antonio Memorial Hospital.

The Uvald Police Department said it responded to the shooting “with the victims” in Uvald Memorial Park Around 5:30 PM

This was a suspected gang-related shooting, the Texas Department of Public Safety said, adding that it works with the police department and the mayor’s office. “This information is preliminary, and as the situation evolves, we will work with local law enforcement to provide updates,” the ministry said.

San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT reports that police said Two minors were taken to hospital After the shooting and that the authorities are looking for a suspicious minor.

“It is not a serious situation for the general public,” the agency quoted the authorities as saying. Uvald Police advised Residents avoided the area.

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