🛒 TRANSITION TOUR: Martin Odegaard is set to join Arsenal after completing medical treatment, Lampard opens after Chelsea sacked


Teams across Europe are rushing to close deals in time for the second half of the season and there is the usual mess of transition from executed deals to gossip and expected deals.

We take a look at some of the hottest headlines in the transportation world.

Latest transfer rumors are making the rounds 📰

Tottenham Hotspur targets Di Maria

Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur reached out to Angel Di Maria in a bid to sign him in the summer. [Full story]

The agent says Mustafa will leave Arsenal by the summer

According to his agent, Shkodan Mustafa will leave Arsenal by the summer after falling into the team’s strikers. [Full story]

Real Madrid’s Martin Odegaard completes Arsenal Medical

Real Madrid attacking midfielder Martin O’Digan will be announced as a new deal with Arsenal on Tuesday. [Full story]

When will Thomas Tuchel appear in the Chelsea bunker?

Thomas Tuchel has not been announced as Chelsea’s coach, but he is still in charge of the Blues when they host Wolverhampton Wanderers on Wednesday night in the Premier League.[Full story]

Frank Lampard breaks the silence on sacking Chelsea with a classy message

Frank Lampard issued a statement following his dismissal Monday morning. [Full story]

Danny Ings advised against the transfer of Tottenham

Former Tottenham striker Darren Bennett said Danny Ings should ignore a move to Tottenham Hotspur in favor of staying at Southampton. [Full story]

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