10 films about artificial intelligence related to science fiction


When we have to talk about the science fiction genre, There are many topics that can be dealt with Among the films of this type. On many occasions, although many of these issues go hand in hand, we can distinguish one or the other. Usually, when there are bots, It doesn’t take long for AI to emerge, but often the latter acquires great importance, beyond the propagation of these robotic organisms, since then They can think and yearn for the same things as humans.

Currently, evolution In this field it has become enormous The most reasonable results are achieved. From computational techniques to simple problem solving, Neural network techniques that make machines learnAnd artificial intelligence is closer than we think and some cinematic has analyzed some of the results of all this. And to be able to pay tribute to all this, We will invite you to analyze these ten tapes that deal in a particular way with this topic, emulate the ones we already left you in science fiction in general.

It is true that many of you will think of other films or even Get rid of some of those here for not being pure in the sense of type. However, here we tried to give an opinion about 10 films that were relevant and not ranked from worst to best, but in chronological order. This way for sure Let’s leave enough in the inkwell, but we encourage you to leave your review for us so we can expand this selection of options.

to give you an idea, We have left for you the year it was released, the brief and the podium Where you can see it, if you can. We do not delay any further and leave you this list, of which We hope for your opinion.

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