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Last Thursday, January 28, the Sundance Festival 2021 began. The famous cinema meeting will hold a virtual version, within the framework of health restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. About 60 productions are in competition, between directing beginnings, anticipated returns, and eye-opening projects.

Here at Rock & Pop, we’ve picked 5 of the movies that received the most attention and acclaim during the long-awaited event.

The films to break it at Sundance 2021


One of the most controversial movies to date in Sundance 2021 is undoubtedly “Mass.” The film is the film’s debut by actor Fran Kranz, who is known for starring in movies like Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing.. The film has already reached 92% approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, although its theme is expected to be somewhat controversial.

And that is that this film deals with the topic of shooting in schools. The film traces the lives of a married couple after they were lost in a shooting accident, and explores different ways of coping with trauma and grief. Hence, the perpetrator’s parents and victims come face to face.

The next world

The popular Mona Fastvold got its premiere at the Venice Film Festival last September, but is back on the tour this time, just weeks after its official release. Vanessa Kirby, who is also famous for her recent performance in Fragments of a Woman, stars in this part alongside Katherine Waterston.

Tally (Kirby) and Abigail (Waterston), neighbors with different realities, lived in the northeastern United States during the nineteenth century. While Tallie conflicts with her husband’s appropriation, Abigail faces a personal mourning. They both begin to develop feelings for the other, confronted with a complex panorama that promises to complicate their lives.


Sundance 2021

One of the most popular films for Sundance 2021 so far is “CODA”. The movie is the new project of writer Sian Heder, who is known for her work on Orange is the New Black and Little America. The effect of the first reactions was largely due to the fact that Apple TV + bought the distribution rights for $ 25 million, a record high at the festival.

The film follows the story of a girl who was raised by deaf parents and siblings, but heard. The young woman gets involved in her school choir and becomes her new passion, but she must choose between helping her family or fulfilling her dream.


Sundance 2021

British actress Rebecca Hall’s dictatorial debut, Passing is based on the novel of the same name, published by author Nella Larsen in 1929. Her crew includes actresses Tessa Thompson and Ruth Nega, along with talents such as Andre Holland, Alexander Skarsgard and Bill Camp.

In the story, two childhood friends, Irene (Thompson) and Claire (Nega) meet in adulthood several years later. Irene lives among the highest spheres of the black community. Claire conceals her ethnic identity by impersonating a white woman. When they reconnect, they both begin to relive their old feelings of insecurity and questioning the lives they lead.

Judah and the black Christ

This much-discussed project marks Shaka King’s return to directing films, including the massive performances of Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield. Jesse Plimmons, Dominic Fishback and Ashton Sanders also appear in this historical drama. Produced by Ryan Coogler, remembering his work on Black Panther (2018).

Set in the late 1960s, Judas is a decade that marked the struggle of the African American community against racism and the oppression of American society. William O’Neill (Stanfield), the criminal involved, agrees to work for the FBI. Your objective is to infiltrate the headquarters of the Black Panther Party and spy on one of its representatives, Fred Hampton (Caluea).

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