5 ways to improve your home’s curb appeal


Adding a curb appeal to your home can offer several benefits, especially if you are looking to put your home on the market. It is an easy way to boost your home’s value whilst also making it look more appealing on the outside. If you take pride in your home on the inside, why slack on the outside? The front of your house is more or less likely to reflect on the image of the inside of your home, so if it is presented well outside, people will walk into the house with a good mindset. Below are 5 ways to improve the curb appeal of your home.

  1. Maintain the Garden

Keeping your garden clean and green is an important in boosting the perception of the outside of your home.  If maintaining grass or greenery is not something you are able to regularly commit to, you should consider a replacement such as artificial grass or Monoblock paving.  After all, seeing overgrown grass, weeds and bushes in the front garden of a home can severely devalue it as it looks unloved and abandoned. Adding flowers, trees and shrubs to the garden is an inexpensive way of improving your home’s curb appeal. Flowers for example, can be purchased for as low as £5 and can add a brighter look to your home.

  1. Improve your front door

A front door is in eye level of not only your guests and passer-by’s but yourself. Entering a home with a dirty and dingy front door can be very off-putting, and can reflect on the overall perception of the inside of the home. Whether it be to replace your whole front door, including the frame, or to simply paint it, it can add enhancement to your home and can also act as a fun DIY job if you prefer to do it yourself. Even simply adding a wreath to your door, whatever the occasion, can improve your home’s curb appeal by making it more warm and inviting.

  1. Replace your old TV aerial

Whilst renovating the front of your home, look up, and consider replacing your old beat up tv aerial. Anything on display, that looks run down, ultimately decreases the value of your home. The cost of aerial installation may also be lower than you expect and each type of aerial offers its own type of benefits. It is important to ensure that your aerial fully works because you never know the minute your internet connection may fail and you no longer have access to streaming devices or entertainment. If you are looking for a new TV aerial installation or aerial replacement, please do not hesitate to contact the professionals at mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk

  1. Make use of outdoor furniture

It is appropriate to find the balance when it comes to placing outdoor furniture in your garden. You do not want your garden to look too cluttered with furniture or too bare and basic. When considering what type of outdoor furniture to purchase, it is also important to consider the weather conditions they will face. As a lot of furniture becomes worn down due to weather, it is important to choose this strategically and perhaps invest in sleeves or covers to prevent less damage to it. It is important to consider that due to these reasons, outdoor furniture may need to be regularly replaced as run-down, tattered furniture is not a good look for your homes curb appeal, especially if it is placed in the front garden.

  1. Update your home numbers

Much like outdoor furniture, home numbers, the numbers that are placed on or next to your door, have the potential to deteriorate with the weather too. It is a very common problem for brass door numbers to rust, which in turn, can also affect the wall or door they are placed on. This can result in having to replace or repaint your door or perhaps paint or re-roughcast the wall. It may be appropriate to purchase door numbers with a strong finish seal so that the numbers cannot rust due to harsh weather. Choosing more modernised styles and designs for your home numbers will also improve the home’s curb appeal by making it look slightly newer and improved.

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