50% of the world’s population has less money now than it did before the pandemic


to me Gallup Survey Corporation, In which I conducted a study 117 countries, Coronavirus has reduced the income of 50% of the world’s population. Especially in the poorest countries, where it is accessible Healthcare It is more limited. Research has shown this the work is stopped As a cause of the restrictions, it caused business closures, cuts in working hours, salary cuts and job losses.

Data as per Gallup poll

This survey revealed that 50% of the world’s population Less income after the pandemic. The data is amazing. “The percentages ranged from 76% in Thailand to 10% in Switzerland,” Gallup researchers reported. In other words, the impact was much less in the better-off countries, but no country was spared the negative impact observed on its economy. From this data, we can also subtract by way of a conclusion that the poorer and less developed countries are back again, The largest is punished.

Global health and economic crisis

Among the worst affected countries are Bolivia, Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Honduras and Ecuador. This was stated by more than 70% of the respondents Your income is much lower now Because of the epidemic. In other countries like the United States, they were affected A 34%. The countries that have not suffered much are the developed countries Austria, Switzerland or Germany.

On the other hand, the survey also reveals this One in three people lost his job Because of the epidemic. That became more than a billion people around the world. In countries with weaker economies such as Philippines, Kenya and Zimbabwe, The data shows that more than 60% of respondents They lost their jobs or businesses.

The women with the lowest wages

The Coronavirus crisis affected all sectors, but in particular there Retail, tourism and food services. These sectors have always been the riskiest and lowest paid. to me Thomson Reuters FoundationIn these sectors, women have performed worse, as they are mostly the ones who do this type of work. A study conducted by ONG Oxfam She said the pandemic has cost women around the world $ 800 billion in lost income.

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