6 Best GBA ROM Emulators for Android Devices


GBA ROM emulators are some of the favourite handheld consoles for anyone who fancies retro-style games. However, in this generation, where there are plenty of smartphones at everyone disposal, buying one of these emulators might not be the best idea or decision.

If you have a smartphone device, you can easily access and play GBA ROM games directly on your device without buying a separate emulator. Today we will share a list of some of the best GBA ROM emulators for android devices. Without many boring explanations, here are some of the best GBA ROMS emulators for android devices.

  1. ClassicBoy Gold

ClassicBoy Gold helps users play games on various consoles, such as Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, NES, among other consoles and supports almost all the fun as described for each console. This emulator has many features, which include Gesture controllers, sensor controllers, save and load states, fast-forward and also supports cheat codes.

In addition to that, ClassicBoy Gold supports hardware controllers, can support several consoles and runs all games. The only disadvantage of this particular emulator is that the accessible version has limited features. It sells for about $5.99.

  1. Mudbox

Unlike the ClassicBoy Gold, EmuBox is free. It is a newer version of the GBA ROM emulators and supports multiple consoles like PlayStation, SNES, etc. EmuBox is designed with a material design with 20 slots to save ROMs, take screenshots of a game whenever you desire, support external controls, and come with an advanced configuration.

It has minimum OS requirements and support multiple gaming consoles but has limited and essential features as it is free.

  1. emu

The GBA.emu is the most suitable emulator for android and is feature-rich. It comes with features necessary for running GBA ROM games on android devices without any problems.

Its option such as quicksave, BIOS emulation, support of cheat codes, save and load games at any time make it be among the top-rated android emulators in the market. The emulator also allows users to use external hardware to enhance their experiences.

GBA.emu is a multi-platform emulator which can be used on a PC without any data or performance loss.

  1. Pizza Boy GBA

Pizza Boy GBA is considered the best free GBA ROM emulator for Android devices. It is new in the market and has multiple features that make it popular and well-known among emulators. Besides its accuracy and high performance, it comes with various skins to choose from for unique experiences every time you play the games.

It has the best sound and image quality aspects, giving it an upper hand over other android emulators.

  1. RetroArch

RetroArch is an all-in-one Android app that runs emulator consoles while itself is not an emulator. It allows the installation of emulators on android devices to play all your favourite GBA ROM games in one app.

When you are playing, this app is very compatible. Besides, it also has an open-source platform making it perfect and unique among emulators and apps alike.

  1. VGBAnext

VGBAnext emulator is not only an emulator but also has multiple emulators in it. In other words, it is an all-in-one GBA ROM emulator which supports almost all emulators. It allows you to connect external hardware controllers for a better, smooth, and more enjoyable gaming experience, has MOGA support and allows gameplay to rewind up to 16 seconds.

In addition to those, the VGBAnext emulator has a network play feature that allows players to play multi-player games without any cable connection. The only demerit is that it does not have a free version and has bug reports. This makes it appear on the list of the best android emulators of all time.


All the above emulators enable you to experience the gaming experience directly from your android smartphone. The experience is precisely the same as that of the consoles themselves. Its advantage over the original GBA ROM consoles is that it allows you to save your game, record the gameplays and share them with your friends.

What are you waiting for? Do you have a smartphone? Then, get yourself any of these android emulators.

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