Canada is close to starting to send more oil to the US


After several years Canada It is preparing to inaugurate a new pipeline that will connect its quarries to the oil markets in United State The live broadcast could start next month. The tube will have the ability to send an output equivalent to 760,000 barrels per day and rimOld will sit.

Pipeline Enbridge Inc., which will connect Alberta and Wisconsin, can start work September 15th. The news is positive for both US refiners and Canadian producers, who have so far had limited export routes and made numerous shipments by train.

New transportation routes for hydrocarbons and inputs are increasingly common in North America Opposition to environmental sectors and political parties. Even the President of the United States, Joe Biden, on his first day in office, Terminated permit for TC Energy Corp .’s Keystone XL project. , which was ready to begin construction and would have allowed more imports of heavy crude from Canada.

The tube will be the first new cross-border export project to be built between Canada and the United States in years. It is due to the new line that requires uAn investment of nearly $2900 million, entered service with production exceeding the capacity of lines located in western Canada.

Some environmental groups and indigenous communities organized protests this summer along the project’s construction route. Enbridge spent years in legal and regulatory battles to build the line Which will finally be launched next month.

The Trans Mountain expansion, another export pipeline under construction in British Columbia, is scheduled to enter service from 2022.

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