6 Pokemon games that can be announced for their 25th anniversary – Nintendros

6 Pokemon games that can be announced for their 25th anniversary – Nintendros

Just a few days ago, we officially learned that we’ll have more Pokémon ads near Pokémon Day this year, with the goal of Twenty-fifth anniversary It is a privilege that is celebrated this year. Well, here we bring you 6 possible options that could be revealed this week.

The truth is that at the moment there are many rumors indicating various advertisements, although we must bear in mind that nothing is officially confirmed and anything can happen. From Dexerto, come possible The following options:

  • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake, something is possible after many Rumors arose. It also gives strength to this theory that the first three generations are created and remakes are usually released between generations.

  • Pokémon: Let’s Jo Johto, considering Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu’s success! / Evie! In 2018. However, this theory loses some strength considering we already have HeartGold and SoulSilver in 2009 for the Nintendo DS.

  • Generation Nine has been used, since earlier Pokemon days, to advertise the last generations, specifically 2016 for Sun and Moon and 2019 for Sword and Shield. However, the development cycles won’t quite match the announcement of a new generation, although there will also be a possibility to see a derivation like Sword and Shield 2 after the success of these titles on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Pokémon Unite: This date can be used to confirm Pokémon Unite’s release day. There is also speculation that it will be released the same day this was announced since there are already several tests out there.

  • Classic games return to the Nintendo Switch: This could coincide with a Super Mario 3D All-Stars style trailer, with various titles from the series returning to the hybrid console. If so, you have to wonder how it will be redesigned.

  • Ads related to Pokémon GO: They are currently one of the main sources of income for their managers, so this date can be used to make a standout ad. An example of this is the rumored perpetual subscription service, some of which are recently reported Results of data factors.

What is your opinion? Which option do you think is the most possible? You can share it below in the comments.


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