A Catholic devout was killed in Uganda


Abdullah in the life of the message. This is how the Ugandan organization of the San Carlos Luanga Brothers describes the assassination of Brother Norbert Emmanuel Mugarura on July 3rd.

Vatican City

“He was a true servant of God and found death in his missionary place,” recalls Brother Charles Dominic Caguey, spokesperson for the San Carlos Lwanga Brothers, Reverend Norbert Emmanuel Mugarura, who was killed on July 3 by a student. Fides News Agency.

Police investigations

The priest was killed by university student Robert Asimoy, who was arrested after a complaint by a car driver that the killer had pushed to collect garbage from his home. The driver went to the police to suspect the situation and discovered that the alleged trash was a corpse wrapped in a tarp. The religious person’s body showed signs of strangulation. The student reportedly killed Brother Mugarura for stealing his car.

The religious system

Brother Norbert Emmanuel Mugarura served as the General President of the San Carlos Lwanga Brothers, a religious group born in Uganda in 1927, for only 158 days, after he was elected on January 27 of this year. He was born on December 28, 1972 in the town of Boyania, in the Kabale parish. In 1992, he became an envoy of the San Carlos Lwanga Brothers, delivering his vows on January 6, 1995.

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