He was arrested for assaulting the United States Capitol and asking for permission to marry in Peru


Troy Williams, Who was in Peru in 2017, confirmed that he had a long-term relationship with a young woman residing in Loreto, He asked the judge to travel to get married. Legal charges weighed on him For his participation in the attack on the Capitol

On January 6, supporters of former US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol In order to prevent validation of Joe Biden’s victory in the November elections. He was one of those fanatics of the Republican Governor Troy Williams, Who requested that a federal judge be allowed to travel to Peru at the end of February to marry, according to the Peruvian Sign America TV.

“It is not known yet, because he must ask the judge for permission in the affirmative. But under what The agreement that was to be reached with the plaintiffs was reported And the attorney defending this person points out that leaving the United States is permissible if granted by the judge. Eric Suarez, Managing Attorney at Migración Zanabria y Asociados.

As they explained, Troy Williams, Who was in Peru in 2017, has a long-term relationship with a young Peruvian woman who lives in Loreto. The 25-year-old man He told the judge that he had booked a flight for her On February 23, the trip will last a few weeks, Because she was going to marry her partner.

At the end of January Troy Williams And his partner, Dalton Ray Chris, are both from Lexington, KentuckyThey were arrested on charges including collusion, Illegal entry into prohibited places and violent entry or uncontrolled behavior on the grounds Capitol building.

A Kentucky man is awaiting trial at large, So he requested judicial permission to make an international trip. however, Peru can block your entry Because of the events that occurred in the United States and the charges against him.

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