With a globally recognized culture and history, the cradle of military and literary genius, and a cultural nerve center since the seventeenth century, speaking a language associated with art and diplomacy at its best and symbolizing an international legacy of freedom, equality and brotherhood, the great France at times does not give in to much and succumbs to some charm and disappointment. Foreign, such as those in American society.

When I first visited Paris about 25 years ago, it never stopped amazing me how young people at that time, the ’90s, looked to resemble gringos, full of TV shows and Hollywood cinematography, pizza chains and bars. Blast, they have a French abundance in their cities that always combines the grandeur of their past with the modernity of a First World power.

Despite its ancient and contemporary authors, from Molière to Le Clézio; Great filmmakers like Godard and Bison; Gorgeous actresses moving from Deneuve to Jacob, or upscale museums like Versailles and Louvre, as well as the nightlife in Saint-Germain-des-Prés bars or around the Bastille, there were not a few boys who saw with ambition American way of life.

Jacques Attali said that, unlike countries like the United States, where immigrants preserve their national traditions, the newcomer in France is adapting to society, a process of assimilation that is observed today more than ever when investigating the terrorism that plagued that nation in recent years.

However, these days it has reached a point where the debate focuses on the influence of American universities in the French public debate, mainly with the blame of the proliferation of ideas of “uncontrolled left”, as they call it, and a “culture of abolition”. , Which actually resulted in spreading his stench from ending the name of a soccer team to trying to censor movies from a catalog.

Today Black lives matter And the color of the faces of the opera are the subjects in Paris.

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