A conversation on science, social and environmental problems

A conversation on science, social and environmental problems

Conversation From science policy to public policyby Guillermo Folguera, CONICET Scholar and Professor at UBA, who specializes in the history of science and the philosophy of biology, It will take place at the Welsh Hall of the CCT CONICET-CENPAT, Bv. Brown 2915.

Conversational proposal is dialogue, discussion, and questioning about social and environmental problems in relation to the scientific system: How are some science policies driven by engines? What goals do they seek, explicitly or implicitly? What areas of knowledge are being considered and which have been omitted? How are disagreements within the scientific community dealt with when setting public policies? What evidence is considered and what is not? What is the role of local communities, who are not professionals but who live and put their bodies into these conflicts, in science-infused decision-making and public policy design? How is the perception and knowledge of these societies linked through public policies related to scientific knowledge?

The organization was responsible for CENPAT’s Patagonian Institute of Social and Human Sciences, Patagonia National University and the CENPAT Scholars Space.

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