A crowd marched to the mayors’ summit and claimed under the slogan La Deuda es con el Sur

A crowd marched to the mayors’ summit and claimed under the slogan La Deuda es con el Sur

A large number of young people and activists from various environmental organizations demonstrated on Friday afternoon to the Buenos Aires Exhibition Center where mayors of the most important cities in the world are participating in the C40 Summit to demand concrete actions to prevent and mitigate the consequences of climate change. Under the slogan “Religion with the South”.

Using flags and drums, many young people from organizations such as Youth for Climate, Now What, Eco House, Consciente Colectivo and others began to gather around 5:00 pm in Plaza Miter in Buenos Aires. The Recoleta neighborhood sings slogans about the need for government authorities to take concrete measures to reduce polluting emissions and advance mitigation policies that ensure the quality of life for the most vulnerable sectors.

Many protesters from places such as the Right to the City Observatory in Plaza San Martín in Buenos Aires’ Retiro district also concentrated, joining the call.

A column of more than four blocks of protesters marched through Buenos Aires’ streets and boulevards, carrying banners calling for more just and sustainable cities, and flags of organizations such as Barrios de Pie, the Confederation of People’s Economy Workers, and the Argentine Carton Federation. and Carreros, Recyclers, Climate Save, and Guardians of the Riachuelo, among others.

The strong policing process delayed progress on mobilizations that raised slogans such as “If the present is for struggle, the future is ours,” “Change politics, not climate,” or “For the mobilization law with social inclusion”; Upon their arrival at the exhibition center, the demonstrators sang the national anthem.

Zainab Waheed, an environmental activist from Pakistan, noted that “the impact of climate is comparable to a crime and has irreparable consequences.”

“The grassroots environment is with everyone inside, and there are very sensitive sectors in neighborhoods where help is not arriving,” warned Lucia Campbell, Youth for Climate Leader.

Matias Capoblanco, from the Argentine Carton and Recycling Federation, stated: “We have come to support a just claim, our unions are the real actors, we are fighting for open skies, for protection laws at the national level; 20 years ago our work was not recognized, today is different Just like, we’re asking the producers to take charge of the public spaces.”

Activists from the organizations involved in the mobilization read out a consensus document in which they affirmed: “When we talk about the need for an environmental transition, two central questions stand out. How are we going to do that, and who is going? Two things are clear about us in the Global South. First, that we will not pay For the undertaker.And second, the transition must be just and sovereign.Transition that leaves no one behind means that the environment can only be closed off with the people inside.

“The quality of life of our people will not be the adaptive variable. That is why we demand that resources be moved from the global north, which are the resources that have contributed greatly to climate change, to the global south. This is also why we are demanding that these resources be used to create new jobs, and to improve lives People The need to pass a packaging law is urgent and inevitable A law has been created that recognizes the rights of urban waste pickers, who take collective responsibility for everyone, and provide an essential service in cities, yet they were not invited to participate in the G40 Summit this is “.

The document calls for “financing, too, for the adaptation and mitigation of the climatic and environmental crisis in cities, especially in the most vulnerable regions that will be affected first, but above all those already affected by the crisis we are today. They live a dignified life. This guarantees, without a doubt, Equal access to basic services to be able to lead a dignified life.

Environmental organizations demanded “compliance with Article 9 of the Paris Agreement and north-south financing for a just energy transition, which includes a comprehensive plan and financing aimed at ending energy poverty and ensuring access to energy for all populations. It is accessible. Fair rates to be able to move forward with de-exploitation. hydrocarbons”.

They also denounced: “The city of Buenos Aires prides itself on being a model for a ‘green city’, using this motto during the last years of the administration and the C40. What we ask ourselves in the collective consciousness is: Why then there are 6 square meters per inhabitant of green space when what is International organizations recommend it, at least, between 10 and 15 square meters per inhabitant. Why are inaccessible places such as flowerbeds or spaces such as cemeteries and streets considered green spaces? Metal trees?”

“The typical socio-ecologically speaking city must conserve and restore its natural spaces. Real estate speculation, privatization of public spaces, cement, loss of trees, lack of access to the Río de la Plata are city policies that threaten conservation, maintenance and expansion of urban green spaces. We do not want a city Concrete, we want to live in a city with luxury for all.”

En el marco de la cumbre mundial de alcaldes contra el calentamiento global Jóvenes por el Clima Argentina, además de participar activamente del evento, llevará adelante una serie de acciones con el objetivo de visibilizar reclamos de la juventud la ambicientalista Air Buventud la ambientalista everybody.

Internationally renowned activists such as Leonie Premiere (German activist), Marie Churu (French activist) and Hilda Nakaboy (Uganda activist) will participate in the proposals.

Within the Youth for Climate Conference, Argentina will have spaces for environmental education and climate change dissemination.


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