A day full of science and research

A day full of science and research

Several researchers as well as a large audience, including students from centers such as CEIP in Esteiro, IES Carvalho Calero in Ferrol and IES Breamo in Pontifium, participated yesterday in the celebration of European Researchers’ Night, a milestone celebration in Galicia themed J Knight.

In the industrial campus, the Navais Technology Research Center (Citeni) was the center of the activities offered by the various research groups, which opened their doors to show the work they do on a daily basis and how it relates to the progress and development of society.

Workshops on polymers for 3D printing or laser applications based on the properties of the laser beam; Demonstration of miniature model ships in the Hydrodynamic Test Channel or a guided tour of Lake Doniños, to highlight the importance of studying these spaces to understand environmental changes, some proposals have been developed.

Commonwealth of Independent States

G-Night proposals have also reached CIS Technology and Design of A Cabana, with workshops that centers such as CEIP A Laxe or CIFP Ferroterra have participated in and have also been open to the general public, who have had the opportunity to connect with augmented and virtual reality experiences as well as learn about the center’s facilities.

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