A healer in Uganda marries seven women in one ceremony

A healer in Uganda marries seven women in one ceremony

An extraordinary event occurred in a Ugandan village because a healer married seven women in one ceremony.

On September 10, 2023, a village in the central Mukono district Ugandadressed up to celebrate a very special wedding: the wedding of the man who He married seven women At the same time; Two of them His biological sisters.

The man called Salongo Nsikonen, Sizego's lover, is a traditional healer with a good economic situation and decided to formalize his relationship with all his partners in one ceremony. In addition, he gave them a new car and told them that he was willing to accept more wives in the future.

A big stir in his village

Local media, Radio Capital Uganda, was responsible for publishing the details of this unique wedding.

According to this means, Habib got married Maryam, Medina, Aisha, Zainbu, Fatuma, Aisha Rashida and MusaniosaWith whom he met separately and lived with him for some time.

The wedding included a parade through the neighboring towns where people were He went out into the streets to see the groom passing by And his seven wives. Many were amazed and impressed by the event, which they considered to be unique in the region.

In his speech, Habib thanked the women for their love and loyalty, and expressed his desire to create a large, happy family.

Haji Abdul Samakula, Habib's father, explained that polygamy is a family custom that dates back several generations. In fact, he said that his father had five wives, and he had four of them living together in the same house, as detailed TV snail.

Networks interact

Reactions varied on social media towards this unusual union. Some congratulated Habib and his wives, while others made jokes about how Habib was able to satisfy so many women, and suggested that he buy a bus to transport the entire family.

“And now she has seven mother-in-laws.” One user commented with humor.

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