A major event for the future energy sector on the continent


African Oil Week or African Oil Week (AOW) 2021 has become a new platform for discussions and decision-making for the future of the energy sector in Africa. The event was hosted by the United Arab Emirates in Dubai from November 8-11, and it was attended by more than 35 government representatives from Africa and the Middle East and several CEOs of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

Representatives from Uganda, Kenya, Gabon, Mozambique, Djibouti, Eritrea, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia are some of the 45 ministers and government leaders who attended Oil Week to showcase investment opportunities in their countries. Along with these governments, national and international oil companies, independents, investors and service providers also attended the 27th edition of the event, the most relevant to date. The African Continental Free Trade Area also considered its presence at this seminar.

During these four days of African Oil Week, seminars and discussion spaces have been developed Promote investment and achieve agreements across the continent, giving investors the opportunity to show their bids. Governments presented their national strategies, geological data and analyses, tenders, and financial and operational policies.

Photo / WAM Africa Oil Week

African Oil Week is one of the biggest global events today. He is at the forefront of promoting the oil and energy sector in Africa.”said Fafa Sanyang, Minister of Energy and Petroleum of the Republic of The Gambia. His Mauritanian counterpart, Minister Abdeslam Ould Mohamed Saleh, said that “this is an opportunity to exchange important issues such as environmental transformation” and also added that “he will invite all ministers to come to this podium.”

Other goals to be achieved at this African Oil Week are to draw a roadmap towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral economy. This energy transition momentum will define an agenda for action across all oil extraction processes, from land exploitation to the role digitalization and technology play today. Goal: Achieving a clean and competitive energy future for the continent.

African Oil Week
Photo / WAM Africa Oil Week

African Oil Week moved from Cape Town to Dubai. This decision was made at a meeting in Malabo last June and was taken due to the critical health situation, they said, in South Africa caused by COVID-19.

There was some division of opinion over the celebration of African Oil Week in Dubai, but Maggie Shino, Namibia’s oil commissioner, noted that it was understood that “Hosting the event in Dubai this year is a reasonable and defensible decision in light of the current pandemic.”.

However, the latest decision made is to hold the next African Oil Week event in Cape Town for next year 2022.

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