A man survived a crocodile attack thanks to a YouTube tutorial


A 22-year-old man survived on January 31 Crocodile attack In a pond located on the Cape York Peninsula, in the state of Queensland, in Australia.

As mentioned Daily Mail AustraliaThe young man, called Isaac Adidi, was accompanied by his partner, Shuntin Manantan, and his cousin, who bathed with him in the pool.

Adidi was about to emerge from the water when the four-meter-high crocodile stunned him from behind.

The young man said, “He tried to submerge me in the water and then allowed me to go for a second, but he held my hand and tried to submerge me again. He held my left hand and his face was directly in front of me.” Express Mail.

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However, Adidi said that in those moments of pain, what saved his life was a tutorial that he remembered seeing a while ago in Youtube How to survive a crocodile attack.

He explained that the video indicated that to free itself from the jaws it was necessary to injure and prick one of the eyes of the crawler. He said, “I took out my index finger and tried to get his eyes out.”

However, it is not known if Adidi actually plucked the alligator’s eye.

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For his part, his partner and cousin thought it was a joke, but the young man’s desperate screams alerted them.

“I saw the crocodile hit it under the water, and I didn’t know what to do,” Shuntin Manantan told The Courier Mail. He added, “We couldn’t do anything but watch what was happening. Plus, it all happened very quickly.”

The 22-year-old finally managed to swim ashore and was immediately rushed to a local hospital, where he was transferred to another medical facility for emergency surgery.

The attack left several scars and lacerations to his left arm and back, as well as a possible fracture of his arm. However, he is already in a state of recovery.

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