A meeting in Chaco with intellectuals, scholars, artists and local communities to discuss cultural heritage

Maristella Sampa, Tesio Escobar, Silva Almada, Rafael Sprigelbord, Franco Bevo Berardi and Diego Golombek, some of the guests of the meeting on heritage that will set a date in Chaco

The cultural heritage of a people is not only related to the idea of ​​conservation, but can also be approached through a broader approach capable of integrating different views of the world, art and environment. With this premise, a series of talks, workshops, artistic interventions and discussions will be held on November 25, 26 and 27 in Chaco Province, which will bring together an eminent group of intellectuals, artists and scholars along with references from the Qom and Muqit communities.

Among the invited participants is the Coordinator Tesio EscobarItalian thinker Franco “Bivo” Berardi, the sociologist maristella mushroomBiologist and science Diego Golombek, Writer Almada rainforestAnd playwright Raphael Springboard, director sergio wolfEnvironmental Lawyer Kiki Viale, National Director of Wealth Management Viviana Osupiaga, Music Cookie Ortiz, as well as references from the Moqoit Communities, the Land Workers Union, Quapaq Ñan and the QOM Culture Mothers Collective, among others.

In a virtual face-to-face format, the second edition of Los Patrimonios son Políticos aims to shape the concept of heritage and its boundaries between culture, nature, science, ancestral knowledge, materialism and immateriality. This meeting appeared last year in virtual reality, and was organized by the Museo Nacional Terre di Chaco, with a focus on a gender perspective in the field of heritage and cultural policies. This new edition is promoted by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation and the Secretariat for Cultural Heritage, as well as with the participation of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Chaco and CECUAL, of the Institute of Culture of Chaco.

Campo del Cielo, Chaco, the chosen place for the discussions of this second edition of the event
Campo del Cielo, Chaco, the chosen place for the discussions of this second edition of the event

The activities will take place in the CECUAL Cultural Center, in the House of Cultures of Chaco and on the site of Campo del Cielo – Pigüen N´onaxá, which was specially selected for this edition more than four thousand years ago, there was a rain of meteorites that affected this area on the border between Chaco and Santiago del Estero.

Many senses and stories center around this phenomenon: from its origins in the Big Bang of astronomy, and popular curiosity and fascination with genres such as science fiction, to its sacred role in Moqoit’s worldview. Campo del Cielo has attracted many stories and evaluation perspectives over time. Thus, by analyzing the impact it has in all these areas, we will be inspired to give discussions about symbolic constructions in culture, identities, diversity and question the boundaries that cross us.

Discussions, workshops, talks, concerts and audiovisual projections will be free and face-to-face, with a streaming broadcast of the entire country through the networks of the Terry National Museum, Museums and National Heritage, the nation’s Ministry of Culture, CECUAL, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Chaco and the Institute of Culture of Chaco. The program will include more than 20 activities that seek to provoke discussion and reflection on cultural heritage from different perspectives. You can consult Here.

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