A story when the President of the United States wrote a letter to aliens

A story when the President of the United States wrote a letter to aliens

Back in the 1970s, it was Jimmy Carter’s job to dedicate a message to the alien civilization that wanted to read it.

Scientific progress does not contradict hope. The endless possibilities about what man does not know, in his attempt to control a practically infinite world, leads us to venture into the enigmatic terrain. On this occasion we want Bring you a strange storyWhere is A A message addressed to an extraterrestrial civilization The discovery is a new attempt by man to make himself known to the rest of the universe, even though there is no one on the other side.

we are able to X-ray outer space with telescopes such as Neustar, but we still have evidence of the existence of intelligent life outside Earth. At the very least, we will introduce ourselves respectfully and politely.

File photo of Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office

File photo of Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office. Wikimedia

President, message and hope for a cosmic connection in the future

As you can see under these lines, thanks to A Reddit postWe’ve learned the story behind a message sent by then President of the United States to our cosmic neighbors. there was Summer 1977 When the message was written with the intent to be Transfer On-board space probes Americans, being Voyager 1, which is still traveling through space and is more than 23 thousand million kilometers from Earth.

It’s not just a message, no. It is the letter that has traveled the furthest distance in space And together with a golden disc30 cm and was invented by Carl Sagan. Keep searching for civilization Lost in the universe by the way, the letter says in Introduction: This Voyager ship was built by USA. We are a community of 240 million people out of the more than 4,000 million who inhabit the planet. Of the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way, some, possibly several, could be planets with civilizations capable of space travel. If any of these civilizations intercepted this message and could understand its content, then this is ours. message::

This is a gift from a small, distant world, the details of our sounds, our flag, our images, our music, our thoughts and our emotions. We are trying to survive in our time so that we can live in your time. We hope that one day, after solving the problems we face, we will join a community with galactic civilizations. This recording represents our hope, determination, and goodwill in a vast, incredible world.

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