The committee investigating the attack on the United States Capitol will file criminal charges

The committee investigating the attack on the United States Capitol will file criminal charges

The US Congressional Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 will seek complaints before the Department of Justice, based on the conclusions of its work, against those who sponsored that coup attempt.

“We have made the decision to file criminal charges,” Rep. Benny Thompson, the committee’s chairman, assured congressional reporters. According to his account, the members of this investigation team have already decided to take this step, which means a full escalation before his term ends with the opening of the new Congress from January 1. Then the Republicans would have a majority, and if they agreed on anything, that committee would be dismantled and even investigated by investigators.

There was a certain symbolism. Publication of the criminal action decree coincided with an act of honoring the policemen who defended the citadel of democracy that day. Promoted and directed by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, the tribute was held in the same capitol occupied by the strife who, in a historical aberration, waved the separatist flag of the Confederacy.

Thompson did not specify who would file the charges. There is clearly a usual suspect in the mouth of this committee, particularly insurgent Republican Liz Cheney, who is former President Donald Trump. Other names will be those of his close aides who sponsored the plan to invalidate the November 2020 electoral result based on lies and illegal readings of the constitution.

Among the charges being considered for inclusion in their recommendations are conspiracy against the United States and obstruction of official proceedings of Congress. The committee was scheduled to meet on Tuesday evening to take the next step.

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