A student condemns the mistreatment of white doctors?

A student condemns the mistreatment of white doctors?
  • This time it was the student who denounced through Tiktok, because it is a “normal work” day, and is suffering from medical abuse by whites?
  • According to one study, medical education creates needless anxiety, stress, and depression among students.
  • The term whitexican is commonly used to designate certain postures for people with white skin or in comfortable postures.

Medical abuse by white people? Clinical training Medical specialties in Mexico represents an essential stage of medical training. In addition to the academic challenges, there are other challenges of a labor and human training nature, such as: attention The patients, Workload and working hours, administrative tasks, handling of suffering, calibration during medical stay and hospital hierarchy.

However, this time it was the student who denounced through tik tokWhat’s it like on a “normal work” day, suffering white medical abuse? Inside the facilities of a Mexican hospital.

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the term whitexican Usually it is used to designate certain attitudes of people of white skin or people in affluent situations. This expression is a combination of words from the Spanish and English languages: white and Mexican and white and Mexican respectively.

Although it is not known who first coined this term, since the end of 2017 it has become widely popular among Mexicans and its controversial use has become very popular on social networks.

The abuse is real

distance Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed in the articlePrevalence of depression, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation among medical students: a systematic review and meta-analysis.“what or what More than a quarter of medical students suffer from depression s One in ten has suicidal thoughtshas raised voices warning of the impactMedical mistreatment and misuse of teachers and teachers on Doctors in training.

In a case study presented by gammaappears in the file Medical Student who is forcefully questioned and arrogantly joked about his academic abilities to answer a medical interrogation.

The new article presented under the title “Medical student mistreatmentHe points out that the current teaching method includes asking questions future doctors On topics beyond their educational level with intent Motivate them to learnBut The downside is the use of a sarcastic tone.

This may be a reflection of the culture that top doctors Formed, referring to voices like the voices of Abrar Karan, who has a master’s degree in Public Health which is a filter for Harvard TH Chan School of Health.

also head University of California Medical School Student Council have admitted it ‘Harmful’ comments about gender, gender, race, and intelligence of doctors in training are consistent It is presented as a joke:

The medical education It creates anxiety, stress and depression abuse between the students. but more than a low test score or an assessment less than perfect, Real pain occurs when we trust that those we trust to teach and guide us degrade, mock, or reject us..

In this regard, he highlighted the Need authority figures to find better ways to display their responsibility Well, otherwise, It is not feasible to have a significant improvement in depression in medical students.

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