A woman trapped in a blind date house due to confinement in China


A Chinese woman got trapped in the house of the man she was having an affair with blind date When they locked down Zhengzhou, she explained herself in a series of viral videos.

China struggles to contain multiple domestic epidemic outbreaks delta variables s omicron.

In downtown Zhengzhou, where more than 100 cases were reported last week, parts of the city were suddenly closed down last Wednesday.

The woman, surnamed Wang, was at that time having dinner at the house of the man with whom she had a blind date.

“After I arrived in Zhengzhou, there was an outbreak and their community was confined and I couldn’t get out,” Wang told Shanghai-based newspaper The Paper on Tuesday.

She explained that she was in town on a week-long trip to meet potential suitors.

He said, “Growing up, my family introduced me to ten (…) Fifth matches she wanted to show his culinary skills and invited me to dinner at his house.”

Since then, Wang has posted videos, now viral, documenting his daily life. The man is sometimes seen cooking for her or doing housework while she sleeps, according to clips published by local media.

“During quarantine, I feel like aside from being aloof like a wooden mannequin, everything else is very good. She cooks and cleans the house and works. Although his cooking is not very good, he is still willing to spend time in the kitchen, I guess. That’s wonderful.”

Wang did not reveal his age or the identity of the man in the videos.

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Wang explained in a post on Monday that he hid his photo original video From his account after it went viral.

“Now I’m still at the guy’s house. He’s an articulate, honest person who doesn’t talk much. After my video became popular (on Weibo), some friends started calling him… I think it affected his life. That’s why I removed it “.

Related hashtags have amassed more than six million views on Weibo, a social network similar to Twitter, as of Wednesday.

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“Thank you all for your concern…I hope the pandemic is over soon and single girls can find a relationship soon.”


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