Aaja Mexico wants to produce ‘All India Films’ in Challiye Ammy Virk Punjab

Aaja Mexico wants to produce ‘All India Films’ in Challiye Ammy Virk Punjab

Actress Amy Virk aspires to make a Punjabi Hindi film. He made his Bollywood debut under the direction of Punjabi actor Kabir Khan. 83 There networks earlier this year and now. Since Wirk is also a producer, he wants to expand his horizons as a director.

I feel (Punjabi movie) Kismet (2018) to be reconstructed in Hindi. Just as it normally takes 45 days to complete a movie, if it takes 65 days then a movie can be shot in Hindi and Punjabi. We are working on it. I want to make Pan India Punjabi movies,” Virk shares.

Werk is currently filming a project in Mumbai saying “Mera Dil Lakhta Hain Yaha Pe”. After the success of his latest Hindi film, Werk admitted that he has good chances. “Then I was waiting for good plans 83. Now I get them. Good people approach me for work. I’ve been given clues, second clues. “Dear, come Karen but Ache Karenki,” says Werk, who is making a movie and other biopic for Karan Johar’s production company.

Although he put in good performances against Werk, it was clear that his turban would not control him. “I don’t think he was limited as an actor (with the turban). We all know there is a Sikh community and I represent them. There is still so much to show for this community. I love exploring everything with my turban. Everything we find beautiful and looks good on us will make us proud. We will.” Aja Mexico Sally It says in detail.

The 29-year-old has completed a decade in the show business and feels very “lucky”. Recently there has been a masala regarding protests in Punjab. This is so unexpected that I’m fine with it. But I was able to put my mind to my audience and they liked to accept me again. Each time, despite some misunderstandings, I was always able to fix things,” he explains. His latest release Aja Mexico Sally The actor was pleased. “This is something that has not been explored. And I always want to do something that no one has done before.”

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