The Corazón de Padre film about Saint Joseph will be shown in Mexico

The Corazón de Padre film about Saint Joseph will be shown in Mexico

The documentary Corazón de Padre, on Saint Joseph, arrives in theaters in Mexico on March 24 through the International Catholic Film Festival and through the Cinemex network.

In testimonies and interviews collected by Corazón de Padre, produced by Goya Producciones and distributed by the European Dreams Factory, “a trip around the world is presented to see if it is true that this mysterious man is more active today than ever before.”

Directed by Andres Garrigo, the film was shot in several countries, such as Spain, Italy, the United States, Canada, Peru, France and the Philippines.

Each of the novel’s protagonists share stories of services granted through Saint Joseph’s intercession, such as radical conversions, treatments that seemed impossible, and the repair of broken marriages.

Speaking to ACI Prensa, Gaby Jácoba, Director of the International Festival of Catholic Cinema, stressed that the announcement of the upcoming premiere of Corazón de Padre in Mexico is “a great joy and a joy at heart”.

“It was really a very special blessing, because we will be launching a week after the premiere in Spain,” he said.

For Jacoba, it’s a very special detail to be able to premiere the documentary “In the Month of San Jose, and to have this film that we truly know is coming to renew our hearts and our families.”

The director of the International Catholic Film Festival stressed that “in this film we will discover how Saint Joseph behaves today, how we can meet the heart of that Father, and that it is part of our life, our growth and our family, our way of holiness.”

In addition, it was announced that Corazón de Padre will arrive in Central America on March 31 and very soon in Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia.

If you want to buy tickets for “Corazón de Padre” in Mexico, you can go to the Cinemex website:

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