Is Leon the Dog still alive?

          On Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, and Leaksof Netflix, questions the extent of Anthony Strangis’ control over Sarma Melengelis, both of whom have been convicted of grand theft and tax fraud.

          Over the course of four and a half years, Sarma was talked about giving millions to her husband, and Anthony used menacing tactics to get her to agree.

          Friends, former colleagues, and lawyers offer their opinions on the facts and Sarma’s complicity in the recent downfall of his business. But there is certainly one innocent addition that is swept up in such a strange journey: Leon, Sarma’s beloved bull.


          Leon, originally called Queen, was adopted by vegetarian queen and restaurateur Sarma when she was trying to convince her then partner Alec Baldwin to buy a dog. Although he never accepted the idea, Sarma fell in love with the adorable picture of a little puppy who lived in a shelter.

          She took it upon herself and named it after Luc Besson’s 1994 movie, The Professional (Leon)where Jean Reno plays a successful man of the same name.

          After breaking up with her boyfriend who left her heartbroken, Leon becomes the absolute pet of the animal-loving restaurant owner. While she was spending her days trying to build Pure Food and Wine in Gramercy Park in New York, she spent her afternoons with her beloved pet.

          Anthony Strangis, bad vegan


          A source of comfort even in his toughest moments, “Shane Fox” – the real name of Anthony Strangis – approval of Leon was a major factor in Sarma’s acceptance as well. When Strangis began making strange demands and even hinting that he could make Leon immortal, Sarma believed her future husband’s behavior, which included allegations that he worked for an organization that brought him wealth and happiness.

          It ended up costing him millions, his reputation and his livelihood as he put everything on the line in pursuit of a better life for his family.

          what happened?

          Is Leon, Sarma’s dog still alive bad vegan?

          We are happy to report that Leon is still alive and well and is even thriving in Sarma.

          He was her close friend during her fugitive career across the United States, which culminated in her confinement to a hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

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          At the time of the arrest, the dog was in the care of a man named Dustin, who befriended Sarma at the local Chipotle restaurant.

          While Sarma was subject to the Tennessee legal system before he was extradited to New York, Lyon became the main concern of many people.

          Anthony Caruana, a homeless man who became close friends with Sarma, recounts in the documentary that he personally called the Tennessee Police Department to return the dog to a foster home rather than face the prospect of being left behind.

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          Sarma’s father, John, took care of Billion while she was in prison. Once released, Leon and Sarma are reunited.

          In March 2022, Leon celebrated his twelfth birthday with a cake, and he has his own Instagram account, Tweet embedSarma follows her daily life and activities.

          Basically, it’s about napping and looking cute. The couple lives together in Harlem, New York.

          In one post, Sarma paid tribute to her dog’s love, writing, “Myoneluckyrescuedog… do my best to keep him alive for a long time… (if immortality is not possible)”.

          Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, and Leaks Available now on Netflix.

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