Age of Empires will have a mobile version for Android and iOS | SPORTS-PLAY


Classics never go out of style. While many PC gamers are waiting for the release of Microsoft has kept the mobile version development secret.

Tencent confirmed the news in a Online. TiMi Studios will be responsible for developing this new app called Return to Empire for Android and iOS devices.

The new age of empires for mobile?

Is it really the age of pocket empires? Many wondered if this was the famous franchise, some even questioned the presentation as if it was just a version adapted with touch controls.

The fact is that “Age of Empires” is never mentioned, but the Xbox Game Studios logo appears at the end of the trailer, and a version of the classic song from the PC game saga was also used.

For now, video game analyst Danielle Ahmed warns that it has only been indicated that it will be launched in China. The official release date is not yet known or if there is an international version.

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