AIFA and AICM are outside the ranking of the best airports

AIFA and AICM are outside the ranking of the best airports

British Consulting Skytrax This week it updated its ranking of the 100 best airports in the world and only showed three airport lounges latin america.

he Philip Angeles International Airport (Aifa), he Mexico City International Airport (AICM) And the rest of the Mexican stations were once again excluded from the list, which is conducted each year by applying a survey of travelers from all latitudes, and asked them to rate their experience at the air terminal, from their check-in process to the match.

as part of his patch Fourth report To the government, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed last August that Santa Lucia station, in State of Mexicowas “the best airport in Latin America”.

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However, Mexican airports were once again conspicuous by their absence 2023 edition Arranged by Skytrax.

What are the best airports in 2023?

The crown of the world went to Changi International Airportlocated in SingaporeAfter displacing Hamad International Airport, in Qatar, which has been at the helm for two consecutive years.

In Latin America, the first place went to El Dorado International Airport, located at Colombia, While Mariscal Sucre International Airport is shown on the second step, at EcuadorAnd in third place is Jorge Chavez International Airport, in Peru.

The latest information from Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia indicates this golden Serving 3 million and 212 thousand passengers last December.

On the other hand, the Aifa It welcomed 212,000 passengers during the same month, according to the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (FCA).horizons) from Mexico. In other words, the Colombian passenger terminal carried 15 times the number of people the Mexican airport carried.

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The most punctual airport

Last month, aviation intelligence consultancy Cirium announced the results of its “2022 On-Time Performance Review,” an award that recognizes the world’s most punctual airlines and airports.

El Dorado achieved a punctuality rate of 80.7% during 2022 and reached 9th place worldwide. On the other hand, the Philip Engels She was 75% punctual despite having fewer operations.

Next Tuesday marks one year of opening Aifathe first pilot project of the current federal government to be launched.

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