Ten symbolic phrases left to us by Albert Einstein

Ten symbolic phrases left to us by Albert Einstein

a March 14, but who 1879born in Germany’s most important scientist of the twentieth century Albert Einsteinto whom we owe many theories such as relativity. to celebrate it birth we present to you 10 symbolic sentences for youOne of the most famous people in the world who contributed extensively to mathematics and physics.

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The role that Albert Einstein developed throughout his life goes beyond the theories he gave the world to understand our universe, but rather extends to the statements that have been marked in history.and some of them represent The sour criticism of the time he had to live in that still applies.

today, We wouldn’t imagine the world without all that he left usin its own way changes the perception of the world as we know it.

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here they are 10 of the most symbolic phrases who left us Albert Einstein:

1.- “the biggest The secret of the world It’s understandable.”

2.- “there The strongest driving force This steam, electricity and atomic energy: Will“.

3.- “the mind It’s like a parachute. It only works if it’s open.”

4.- The world we create is our own process belief. You cannot change without changing the way we think.”

5.- “When you die, you don’t know that you are dead, you don’t suffer from it, but it’s hard for the rest. The same thing happens when you’re stupid.”

6.- Sad times are our days! It is easier to disintegrate an atom than to bias“.

7.- “weWe humans achieve immortality in the things we jointly create And those who remain after us.

8.- “Word progress It makes no sense as long as there are unhappy children.”

9.-Memory is the intelligence of fools“.

10.-A person who has never made a mistake never tries anything new..

photo: janeb13/Pixabay

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We are Symbolic phrases of Albert Einstein It still helps us understand, ironically, that human behaviourthat’s why they are Words beyond any age.

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