Air Mexico flies to Russia for the first time in its history

Air Mexico flies to Russia for the first time in its history

Mexico City /

Air Mexico Group She announced that, for the first time in her history, she made a trip to Russia, when transporting goods from the logistics company DHL Global shipping is in the process of chartering.

“The round-trip flight took a total of more than 32 flying hours and nearly 25,000 kilometers, with a crew of nine pilots,” the company said in a statement.

Mexican Airlines indicated that the flight began on March 8 from Mexico City with a stopover in Madrid, Spain s Landed on March 9th at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport, In Russia.

“Once the shipment was deposited, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner left for Mexico City, parked in the Spanish capital, and landed today at 12:35 pm,” he said.

The airline pointed out that with this flight, during the past 12 months, it landed for the first time with its aircraft at 20 airports in 14 countries.Among them are Belo Horizonte, Cabo Frio, Cali, Fortaleza, Frankfurt, Guatemala, Guayaquil, Hong Kong, Kingston, Shenzhen, Winnipeg and Wuhan.

From the start of the pandemic until now, Aeroméxico Cargo has transported more than 6,400 tons through 325 operations A charter for the transportation of medical supplies and other goods to Mexico and 16 other countries.

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