Hawaii declares a state of emergency after floods and landslides caused by rain

governor HawaiiDavid Igge declared a state of emergency because of the rain it caused Floods; Thousands of people were expelled. Photo: Reuters.

governor HawaiiDavid Iggy A state of emergency was declared on Wednesday For several thousand people who have to evacuate low-lying areas after heavy rains FloodsAnd landslides and Fear of multiple dams failing.

Videos of the accident were posted on social networks.

Since tuesday, Floods Invaded Hawaii, Island Central Pacific, United States territory.

Volcanic island under the declaration of emergency. On the island of Maui, homes have been destroyed When the dam overflowed. The rain destroyed roads and completely washed away a bridge.

  • Evacuation orders were issued for thousands of people in the state
  • Haikou Resident Sean Alexander expressed regret over the Floods In your area

The guest commented:

“I’m starting to panic, My father started to panic. We were watching everything happen, and then maybe 15-20 minutes the water just rose. They broke into the room, took all the chicken cages down the river, lifted my truck and also went downstream. “

Hawaii And the Floods

  • Local media reported that two people were swept away by rough waters
  • Only one of them has been confirmed Hawaii: 27-year-old man. The search for the lost other continues

Governor David Iggy Residents are warned to take precautionsThe bad weather is expected to continue until Friday.

The declaration of emergency covers the counties of Hawaii, Maui, Kalawau, Oahu and Kwai. During the disaster relief period It will run until May 8.

Department of Ordered by Honolulu Emergency Department For the public to leave Haleiwa, a community of a few thousand people. The exact number of people injured or killed remains unknown.

On the island of Maui, it caused rain Floods On the roads, which makes them passable. Emergency management officials have set up evacuation shelters and are urging people not to return to their homes. Mayor Michael Victorino said six homes were badly damaged or destroyed.

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