The student who caused her teacher to be beheaded admits that she lied


a 13 years old female student He accused his teacher, Samuel Patti, of Islamophobia, who beheaded. Now he admitted that he lied, according to information from the newspaper Parisian.

the teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded in October 2020 To show Muhammad’s caricature. The young woman admitted that she was not present on the day of the cartoon and was charged.Slander complaint. ”

Days before his death, at the hands of a 19-year-old Chechen refugee, a history and geography teacher gave a free speech class, featuring cartoons of the satirical writer. Charlie Hebdo.

The young woman, a student at the Bois-d’Aulne School in Paris, said the 47-year-old had called on Muslim students to leave the classroom before a show Fees.

The father of the minor believed in his daughter and lodged a complaint, then began a viral campaign on social media sites against the teacher, with the help of an Islamic activist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui.

The two men accused of “complicity in murder” are in pretrial detention.

why did you lie

Photo: EFE

According to the statements of the young woman’s lawyer, Mbico Tabula A.Agence France-Presse lied because it felt trapped and because some colleagues asked her to be their spokesperson.

Upon learning of the allegations, an 18-year-old extremist Chechen refugee cut his head before the police killed him.

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