A Brazilian pilot gets lost in the Amazon; They rescued him after 36 days


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Like a movie, a Brazilian pilot named Antonio Cena Lived a journey After he was forced to make an emergency landing in the middle of the Amazon in Brazil because the plane he was flying had encountered problems. The 36-year-old had to spend 36 days in the woods before they could locate him.

The story of Antonio Cena It went viral In the country of origin and because of its prevalence it is now known in many countries. According to local media, after the pilot landed his plane in the Amazon region He managed to keep a backpack of some food and other supplies.

Antonio Cena spent a week near the plane waiting to be located. However, even though he saw search teams flying over the area, they were unable to find him. A week after landing, The plane caught fire, so the man made his decision to walk into the Amazon.

Antonio Senna began walking several kilometers and traveled in the Amazon, where he met several animals, Among them are snakes and crocodiles. When his supplies ran out, the Brazilian pilot had to It feeds on some bird eggs and wild fruits that it finds on its way.

A little over a month later, Antonio Senna accidentally found a group of walnut pickers who were working Near where he is. These persons were responsible for informing the authorities of the pilot’s whereabouts, Who were rescued the next morning.

After 36 days in the Amazon, the man was rescued by helicopter from the Pará Public Safety Air Group, He was taken to Santarem where he was reunited with his family and then transferred to a hospital He was treated for dehydration and minor injuries.


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