Airlines must disclose US surcharges to passengers

Airlines must disclose US surcharges to passengers

Washington, September 26 (EFE). – The Airlines and travel sites United State Passengers must be shown all additional charges that may apply when purchasing a ticket.

This is stipulated in a new regulation announced on Monday by the President of the European Union, Joe Bidenwhich will require companies to show everything Additional charges for customerss, including baggage costs, itinerary changes and seat selection.

“They canceled and then you have to pay a fee to rebook (ticket). It’s not fair,” the president said after meeting with several members of his cabinet, including Transportation Minister Pete Buttigieg.

Guidelines require both Foreign and domestic airlines Such as the ticket purchase pages that clearly display all costs associated with baggage, changes, cancellations and group seat selection when offering a fare to the consumer.

“Passengers have the right to know the full and true cost of flights before purchasing a ticket,” Buttigieg said in a statement.

This is the second measure you’ve announced Transportation Department This month in order to pressure airlines to improve passenger services.

In early September, the government launched a virtual database that allows consumers to check which airlines offer payment or compensation for cancellations.

Also attending Monday’s cabinet meeting were Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. EFE.

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