MSF sets up Ebola treatment center in Uganda

MSF sets up Ebola treatment center in Uganda

The organization is considering opening a second center in Madodu. Photo: Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders, a non-governmental organizationDoctors without borders) install a Center Ebola treatment in the province of Uganda Mobindiin the central region of the country, in order to respond to the recently announced outbreak in support of the Ugandan Ministry of Health.

The organization is also considering opening a second center in Madodua city located 25 km to the north and where the first person to die from this outbreak Ebola as well as where several suspected casesAccording to Doctors Without Borders, in a statement.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, 58 probable cases have been reported, and 11 deaths have been recorded, according to data from Ministry of Health Uganda, that’s why he asked for help from Doctors without borders To form a sanitary, logistical and epidemiological team to intervene as soon as possible.

in this meaning, Doctors without borders He made it clear that “immediately” the outbreak of Ebola in Ugandawhich followed the disclosure of a injured person In the center of the country health authorities Uganda Ask for support in their efforts to combat disease spread.

“Where Doctors without borders We are a team made up of staff medicalFrom Epidemics science s logistics Experienced in managing febrile cases hemorrhagic. The organization said in a statement that the plan is for the team to be ready to start work early next week.

Similarly, the non Governmental Organization He also showed his desire for it Ministry of Health From the country to intervene after identifying needs, noting that the priority is to improve patient care in the current structure.

Another outbreak Ebola in the country in 2019, an occasion in which Doctors without borders It also intervened to support the health authorities in Uganda In managing people who have been in contact with confirmed cases.

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