AirPods Max headband is removable with SIM only eject tool, tip to interchangeable headbands

AirPods Max headband is removable with SIM only eject tool, tip to interchangeable headbands

It is possible to remove the headband from AirPods Max With only a standard SIM card eject tool, indicating that the headbands can be swapped to achieve different color path.

in December, Mac rumors The great diversity revealed in AirPods Max Earpad Color Kits When it became clear that they were magnetically attached and Available for sale separately. Now, “AirPods Max” appears to have a more modular design than previously understood, as it was raised by Mac rumors Forums member MayaTlabWhich highlighted news from the Chinese YouTube channel Prelook.

As mentioned in Disassemble iFixit for AirPods Max, It is possible to easily remove the headband from AirPods Max‌ without any disassembling the headphones. Users simply need to remove the magnetic earbuds, fold the earcups flat, and insert the SIM ejector tool into a small hole above the speaker.

Here’s the trick and the best part: Despite the complexity of the hinge, you can completely detach the headband from the AirPods Max using just the SIM removal tool or the paperclip, without opening the earmuff.

When fully assembled, a small poke in the right place squeezes a small spring inside the joint, releasing the clamp that secures the headband.

Once removed, the speaker on either side of the headband reveals a small connector for transmitting power, and possibly data, between the earbuds. Also, interestingly enough, the connector bears some passing similarity to the Lightning connector. It appears that users will likely be able to swap the headbands from different AirPods Max units to achieve unstocked colors much more easily than expected.

Replaceable headbands were one of the features believed to be so Removed from AirPods Max Before launch. Before it was announced, it was speculated that AirPods Max would offer unique customization through interchangeable headbands and earmuffs, to replicate the concept behind the Apple Watch bands.

Apple Vice President for Industrial Design Evans Hankey said that Apple Hundreds of prototypes of AirPods Max designs Over a long development period. Amidst long delays, Bloomberg correctly Apple is ditching a replaceable headband concept to speed up production:

Apple has also curtailed some of the headphones’ interchangeable functions that were a hallmark of the initial concept. The latest version of the product will likely lack a replaceable headband, but it may still include interchangeable ear pads.

So this headband removal system could be a remnant of the original AirPods Max’s more typical approach. On the other hand, this hidden feature may only exist to aid in the fix, and it cannot be intended for general user interaction at all.

However, it is very unusual for headphones that transfer power through a headband to make the part easily removable. The ease of removing the headband and the small connector on both sides seems to be an oddly advanced concept that stands in stark contrast to the device’s difficult-to-fixability.

Users who wish to attempt to remove the headband from “AirPods Max” should still be very careful as it is not yet clear whether this action void the product warranty.

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