Al Tomasiros, whose extradition was requested by the United States, was guilty of the death of the former prosecutor’s younger sister

Judit Alexandra Anaya Pacheco, a 33-year-old woman, was to be the victim of a criminal network known as Los Tomasiros.

Just over four months have passed since the death of Judit Alexandra Anaya Pacheco, a 33-year-old woman who was to be the victim of a criminal network known as Los Tomasiros. Alexandra, sister of former Prosecutor Yajira Caceres Pacheco, was found dead by a neighbor of the San Martin neighborhood, in Barrios Onidos, on November 15, 2020. The body was in front of her home, so I decided to call the police. Three members of the Tomasiros family, who would have murdered the woman after drugged to steal her, were required to be extradited by the United States, in the last hours, for committing a similar crime against two government officials from that country.

As reported by the CM & Canal Uno news outlet, North American authorities, in order to respond to their justice, have requested: Jefferson Aranjo Castellanos, alias “Harry Potter”, 33 years old; Kenny Juliet Uribe, also known as “Helen”, 31 years old; A third person, although not arrested, has been fully identified by the Attorney General’s Office and the FBI. These guys were drugging and robbing two of their workers, however, they didn’t have the same fatal fate as Yuddith.

The discovery and death of Yuddith has been a mystery for some time, however, with the help of the authorities, what the media described as a “mysterious case” was revealed little by little.

On November 14, the woman left her home, according to her family. At around 4:00 pm, he was picked up by a man who was not easily recognizable. After that, the family was in anguish for several hours without hearing from them.

After the discovery of the body in the early morning of November 15th by a neighbor of the Gaza Strip, the authorities began their investigations and, Among the first signs were CCTV videos that showed how a woman was left in the dream by a person who was transported in a private car.

In the middle of her disappearance, the authorities were able to establish that the woman had gone to socialize with two friends in a bar in northern Bogota. Leaving there, and wanting to continue the celebration together, Yuddith and his friends decide to go to ‘Sunrise’, located in the capital’s T-zone.

There, in the new establishment, the friends continued to celebrate, until three new people arrived, apparently looking to join them in a friendly scheme. The relationship between Yuddith, his friends, and the three new people flowed positively, and they decided to trust them.

Minutes later, the three new people were identified as Jefferson Aranjo Castellanos, Himer Darley Aguirre Muñoz, and Kenny Juliet Uribe Sheeran showed their true intentions, and in the midst of an oversight, they mixed substance in the drinks of Judith and his friends, Matteo and Andres Felipe. Moments later, the three lost consciousness.

Pictured is Jefferson Aranjo Castellanos and Kenny Juliet Uribe.
Pictured is Jefferson Aranjo Castellanos and Kenny Juliet Uribe.

Without strength in their bodies, and due to their confusion, the three friends were stripped of their personal belongings, inside a car the criminals forced them into. After taking all their valuables, the three criminals set out to leave them on the street, a friend of theirs, in the middle of the journey.

Andrés Felipe is abandoned, for his fate at Carrera 51 with Calle 129, Moments later, he was rescued by the police, who patrolled the area and took him to the Reina Sofia clinic. Matteo Rojas left at 147th Street with career 45 as well It was captured by CAI patrols of Mazurén, who heeded the public’s call alerting that there was an unconscious corpse on the ground.

Andres Felipe and Matteo recovered, but Yudet didn’t have the same luck. The woman was abandoned on Calle 86d # 30-85, and her body was no longer alive. According to the autopsy, he died from an overdose and a dangerous mixture of alcohol and clonazepam, a substance that was ingested after the three criminals put him in his drink.

In December of that year, a month after the tragedy, Bogotá’s 14th security oversight judge sent Silva Ochoa, Arango Castellanos and Uribe Sheeran to prison., Under a precautionary measure, because it was deemed to have sufficient evidence to show that it was a danger to society. Jefferson and Kenny Julith, are now awaiting a legal decision regarding their status regarding the extradition request submitted by the United States.

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