Alavés vs Real Madrid LIVE for League F: Schedule and where to watch on TV and live

Alavés vs Real Madrid LIVE for League F: Schedule and where to watch on TV and live

the F-league From Spain does not stop and will have a high impact duel. One of them will be the match between Real Madrid vs. Alaves For the 16th date of the Iberian Championship. Daughters Torrell Rodriguez They came from beating Betis 4-0 last day.

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For their part, those led by curly They lost by a minimum in their visit to Levante Las Planas, so they will look to add three more.

Previous Alaves vs. Real Madrid League F.

Real Madrid have 34 points, which puts them in third place in the table Spanish championship. This is why Alberto Toriel’s girls start as favorites in their match today, in addition to their desire to get closer to the leader: Barcelona.

On the other hand, Mikel Crespo’s Vitorians urgently need a win to get out of the last places in the general table. Their last match was against Levante Las Planas, which they lost 0-1 in their visit. The locals are hoping to get all the support from their fans to get out of the bad moment.

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Possible lineups Alavés vs. Real Madrid League F.

Alaves: Gallego, Onion, Elba, C. Sayes, Ohale, J. Vasila, Pinto, Diguez, Alba, Mirren and Sanadry.

Real MadridRodriguez, Abelera, Rocío, Andrés, Kathleen, E González, Uroz, Olga, Weir, Del Castillo and García.

Alaves vs. Real Madrid League F.

Mexico and Nicaragua: 12:00 noon

Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru: 1:00 p.m.

Venezuela and Bolivia: 2:00 p.m.

United States: 1:00 PM (EST)

Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina: 15:00 p.m

Spain: 7:00 p.m

Where to watch Alavés vs Real Madrid Liga F.C

The match will be played today, January 25, at the Jose Luis Compañón Sports City in Alava. It will be transmitted through screens Dazen s Daz YouTube.

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