Ugandan Arsenal fans quarrel with fellow Manchester United fans

Ugandan Arsenal fans quarrel with fellow Manchester United fans

fans Arsenal From all over the world celebrated England’s latest victory and chances of winning B Premier League After 19 years. However, celebrate Uganda It ended with a group of fans being arrested.

As you may recall, Arsenal let go of the win after scoring an agonizing goal in the last minute to make it 3 to 2. Final against Manchester United. This result kept Arsenal in the lead and five points off second place.

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Fans were arrested for disturbing public order

in UgandaOn Monday morning, a group of fans set off in a five-car convoy to celebrate their team’s victory. One of them held a token cup they had bought from a store.

However, the celebration was interrupted when the police intercepted and detained them.

“I don’t know what we did but we were just celebrating our victory against rivals Manchester United,” one fan told the newspaper. daily monitoring.

for his part, James Mobychief of the regional police, spoke with BBC He explained that they were arrested on charges of disturbing public order.

“What would happen if there was an altercation with rival fans? They did not inform the police to provide security for their rally,” said the policeman, who admitted he was an Arsenal fan.

The authorities accused police brutality

On the other hand, some groups of human rights defenders indicated that the arrests were due to a political situation, in which the opposition is distinguished by the red dress. In addition, make sure that the Public Order Management Act He ordered the policemen to allow the violation of citizens’ rights.

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agather atuhaireWell-known lawyer and human rights activist BBC Uganda’s police “continue to cling to their strength even after the Constitutional Court has overturned all the draconian provisions that granted it unlimited powers to restrict the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association and assembly.”

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