Alex Larren before the US: ‘In court we are 11 against 11’


Selecta defender Alexandre Larren does not shy away from playing against the United States, which is full of European Legion and superstars at their respective clubs

Respect yes, but do not be afraid. Alexander Larindefender of ChooseIt was announced in Vasvot facilities before the match against America.

Cacho made remarks about a “passage candidate,” giving a clear message before the confrontation.

Larín, the defender from Communications, is likely to be the starting left wing, either as a winger or as a cheek guard.

You will have to break a sweat, because the American defenders are very mobile and fast.

Kachou is one of the most experienced Blue and White players at the moment, and we hope the sentiments expressed will spread to the rest.

Do you think everyone is following Larryn on his statements in the Selecta squad? We read to you in the comments.

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