Alfa Romeo adds another horrific race in the US


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Esotericists should be very clear about Alfa Romeo’s diagnosis, because what’s happening with the 2021 season can easily be explained with more damning than the data we can comprehend.

Another race to the point gate

It happened again. A new race, the US Grand Prix, rolls into the points zone to lose at the end and stays at the gates. Adding to the Hinwil team’s annoyance, the car was competitive, much more so than other races. Enough to fight and even surpass the Alps, Aston Martin and the only Alpha Torri in the race, the Yuki Tsunoda race.

And this was the way the race was going until, when the work was practically over, Kimi Raikkonen suffered a spin at high speed that threw the Finn back to the ground, who started the race in 15th place. Kimi would end up crossing the finish line 13th, behind Lance Stroll, who had a crash in the first race corner that cost him a long time.

With Raikkonen out of the match, the responsibility falls to Antonio Giovinazzi, but the Italian, who this time facilitated the overtaking maneuver for his teammate, did not have the same rhythm, also in his tough fights with Fernando Alonso he had confirmed. Too many tires that didn’t run in the last laps.

The award went to Sebastian Vettel, returning from 18th place after launching the components. For its part, Alfa Romeo did not add again, to aggregate eleventh-sixth place in a season in which its drivers have only entered the points zone four times out of a possible 34.

away from williams

Williams, increasingly unattainable in the manufacturers, and in the drivers, even Nicholas Latifi beats Kimi Raikkonen not to mention the only point added by Giovinazzi, whose rhetoric about why he keeps going faster and faster in Formula 1 is like sugar in hot water.

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