All medical specialties are ranked from highest to lowest salary


In the field of health, education is not optional but mandatory. University training is required to gain sufficient knowledge to allow proper patient care. But it is not only about the years spent at the university but also the boarding school and social service must be fulfilled. In this way, theory is supplemented with practice to get a clear idea of ​​what it means to work in a hospital. What is required of a doctor is too much, in the end, the only thing that should be asked of him in return is a fair and decent salary.

A doctor should never give up his work

It is sometimes thought that it is wrong to talk about money in this field but it is not. It’s a professional job, so it’s only natural to be compensated for completing it. In addition, its function is essential in any society as it is related to healthcare.

Now, in medicine, studies don’t end when you graduate from university. There is also the possibility of obtaining a specialization. The goal is to focus on a specific area of ​​health. In the case of our country, at least for the time being There are 27 direct entry options available to choose from. Whereas if sub-specialties are added, the number increases.

There are many motives that drive the general practitioner to study the specialty. Among the most important are personal improvement but also the ability to access better career options. When it happens naturally, you can get a more attractive salary.

With the above in mind, it is now useful to know which payment can be received. The first thing to keep in mind is that today is not the same across all disciplines. In some there is greater erosion than in others. While there is another difference Payment also varies.

Where do you get the greatest economic return?

On this topic, Medscape portal published the results of its study Doctor’s Compensation Report 2020. To prepare the report, 43,000 physicians of various specialties living in the United States were surveyed. From their answers, the average salary of 29 medical specialties was obtained.

From the information obtained they were grouped in descending order. With that in mind, we share with you the final list of the highest paid list of those who get the lowest for their work.

  • Orthopedics.
  • plastic surgery.
  • Otorhinolaryngology.
  • cardiology.
  • X-rays.
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Urology.
  • dermatological;
  • Anesthesia
  • ophthalmology.
  • Oncology.
  • General Surgery.
  • Emergency Medicine.
  • intensive care.
  • Pulmonary medicine.
  • Pathology.
  • Rehabilitation medicine.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Nephrology.
  • Immunology.
  • Neurology.
  • Psychiatry.
  • rheumatism;
  • Internal Medicine.
  • Infection science.
  • Endocrinology.
  • family Medicine.
  • Public health and preventive medicine.
  • Pediatrics.

Although the analysis covers only the United States, it serves to get an overview of what is happening globally. The results indicate that the specialty with the highest salary is orthopedic surgery. On the other hand, pediatrics are shown.

Right now, in your opinion, what is the medical specialty with the best salary?

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