Ambassador Salazar said the United States is heading to southern Mexico

Ambassador Salazar said the United States is heading to southern Mexico

The United States is interested in investing in southeastern Mexico, said US Ambassador to our country Ken Salazar this Friday. The US official stressed that the passage between the two oceans of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, which was promoted by the government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, represents an investment opportunity in the region.

“We as the United States government and speaking of President Biden’s visit, we see opportunity, we see optimism, we see that with this project and the other efforts that we are going to make in Central America that this region of the Americas, is where the future lies. For the economy, as well as for democracy, we cannot fail And we have a lot to do,” he commented.

Ken Salazar accompanied President Lopez Obrador Friday on a business tour of Veracruz, which was also attended by entrepreneurs from the automotive, energy and supply chain sectors from the United States and Canada, such as General Motors Mexico, Kansas City in southern Mexico and EDP Renewables.

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President Lopez Obrador celebrated the interest of North American businessmen to invest in Mexico, but in the case of the energy sector he asked them to abide by the law and not to speculate. “We want them to invest and in this way there is no problem at all, we help with everything, but it is enough to speculate,” he said.

The President made the comments when referring to the conflict between Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) with the North American Talos Company for control of the Zama Trust.

“They invest, the contract is already there, no problem, but also the only condition is that they invest, because if Pemex and Talos come to an agreement, and it turns out that what Talos does is he sells his bonds or he sells the franchise, he’s just using the agreement to speculate, well , no “.

At the end of the act, Ambassador Ken Salazar broke protocol. When President Lopez Obrador finished his speech, he began to sing the national anthem, but the diplomat asked for the floor to ask his countrymen to make some comments on the auto, energy and supply chain sectors.

“If you will excuse me (he said to President Lopez Obrador), this is a mortal sin of diplomacy, because I think Marcelo (Mexico Foreign Minister Ebrard) would throw a shoe at me, but if he would no more because they came from far away and they came because we told them we had to look to the south (Mexico),” he said and conveyed the word to the business.

They spoke to Francisco Garza, president of General Motors Mexico. Patrick Otensemer, Mayor of Kansas City Southern Mexico; and Sandhya Ganapathy, president of EDP Renewables for North America.

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“We are very excited to work with you, we have already met with a couple of governors to discuss the Tehuantepec Isthmus development project, and we want to continue to connect Mexico with the rest of North America in a more efficient way. Thank you very much for the invitation. We inform you to continue working with you towards this goal,” Ottensmeyer noted.

“We want to be a part of that business, working with you in the transition, I’ve already seen wind turbines in Oaxaca, the billions of investment that we’ve talked about and specifically we want to be a part of, we want to help Mexico, North America to work together to make the world leaders in this transition, We look forward to working with you, with your government, with your team to advance the use of solar and wind energy, creating more opportunities in a sustainable way”; Janapathi said on his part.

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