American fans in the United States demand the plaque during a friendly match against Reados

American fans in the United States demand the plaque during a friendly match against Reados

A section of the fans from America carried blankets with allegations of the team’s board of directors about the poor results

following USA They showed their displeasure with the team’s actions at Clausura 2022 and protested with blankets during their friendly match against them. scratchedOn United State.

“Incompetent managers. Respect the shield. Fill your showcases, not your pockets,” read the signs placed in the stands of Q2 Stadium, home of MLS Austin Football Club.

Fans also expressed their dissatisfaction with the work Santiago Bathsthe head of the capital group, and before that they also raised a banner that read “Bathrooms are out”.

The capital team was unable to straighten the track and within the pause period in MX . League As for the FIFA date, they decided to hold two friendlies and the first match they lost against Tigres.

For the second commitment, USA Face scratched When the team fell 2-0 on the scoreboard, blankets appeared in the stands to express their disapproval of the team’s results.

In Clausura 2022, the capital team did not perform well, as it is in the fifteenth stage of the general classification with 10 points, after two wins, four draws and five losses.

Even in the past weeks, the board of directors decided to dismiss coach Santiago Solari due to the adverse results, but the team is still not prominent, despite efforts to correct the course.

Although the Eagles remain two points from the playoffs, everything indicates that Fernando Ortiz will remain as the team’s interim coach for the remainder of Clausura 2022.

Possible candidates for the position of coach USAAfter the departure of Santiago Solari.

And this is not the first time that the voice of the fans has been presented before the team passes, because in social networks the trend of getting out of the bathrooms has spread in recent weeks, and in other places they also showed themselves with chants and blankets in the stands.

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