The Argentina under-20 team drew against the United States under the supervision of Messi, Di Maria and Paredes.

The team led by Javier Mascherano tied 2-2 in the friendly match against the United States, which was held in Ezeiza. The meeting was also attended by Lucas Ocampos and Chikwe Tapia.

This Saturday was Sub 20. after victory Argentina national team Against Venezuela 3-0 at La Bombonera, the youth team played a friendly match behind closed doors in Ezeiza against the United States and Draw 2-2.

Under the watchful eye Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes – Everyone was present yesterday in the biggest duel against Vinotinto-, Javier Mascherano’s debut was in charge of Sub 20.

The Brazilian team started winning with a goal from Brian Aguilar in the 18th minute of the first half. Then, in the 41st minute, Quinn Sullivan equalized and set the final numbers in that first half.

Argentina sub-20 vs.  United State

In the sequel already, there was more to each side so the story evenly ends that way. look Ocampos and Claudius”Czech “TapiaPresident of the Asian Football Confederation, They were also watching the match.

This is how the Argentine sub-team against the United States was formed

Francisco Gomez, Brian Aguilar, Franco Carboni, Agustin Gay, Maximo Perrone, Valentin Gomez, Luca Romero, Gino Infantino, Matias Soleil, Thiago Giralnic and Alejandro Garnacho.

Messi and his companions attend the friendly match of the Argentine national team under 20 years

under 20

Photos: Argentina national team

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